A memorial service for Harry M. Perks followed by a luncheon was held Saturday, October 26, at 11AM, at Central Baptist Church, 37 South Jackson Street, Woodbury, NJ. In lieu of other expressions of sympathy, memorial donations can be made to Central Baptist Church.

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  1. Matt Schultz says:

    I was a great admirer of your father. I worked with him during my tenure at Avenue of the Arts,Inc. where he consulted on several projects including the Clef Club, the Kimmel Center and several of the cultural organizations on North Broad Street. Harry never ceased to amaze— he could bring order to the most complicated of situations and always in a calm, professional manner. He taught me a great deal for which I am thankful. Philadelphia’s repositioning as a 1st class tourism and arts/cultural center owes much to Harry Perks.

    Harry often spoke of his sons in glowing and proud terms. My thoughts are with you during this difficult period.

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